Tax Accounting Service and company establishment

Tax Accounting Service and company establishment

Procedures for changing business licenses

In the course of doing business, enterprises can for some reason lead to changes in business information. The change of enterprise information causes enterprises to carry out some procedures for changing business licenses. Today, TASCO will help you outlined the procedures to be prepared for changing your business license.

Service of changing business license

In the process of doing business, enterprises can for some reason lead to changes in information of the enterprise such as: name, address or industry of the enterprise. The change of enterprise information makes enterprises have to implement some procedures in changing business license. Today, TASCO will help you to point out the points to note as well as the procedures to prepare for the change of business license.


Personal income tax finalization is a full check of income and calculates payable PIT based on income level and family background. However, not everyone knows the rules for calculating personal income tax. Therefore, TASCO tax company will provide you with personal income settlement service.

Accounting data review service

Accounting data review service helps enterprises to quickly detect errors in the accounting book system of the Company, and at the same time give advice to complete accounting books to ensure compliance with regulations of "Tax management Law''


You need to dissolve the company, but there are too many cumbersome procedures to follow. You do not know what documents to prepare. Today, TASCO company sends you the following steps to apply for dissolution of the company:

Consulting company financial management

Planning a company financial management is very important for a business. It relates to the financial goals established and how resources are used to achieve them. Therefore, TASCO tax consulting services company provides financial management consulting services to help businesses make financial planning more efficiently and easily.

Cheap and fast website design services

You are looking to learn about the website design process. Today, tax consulting service company TASCO sends you website design services so that you can visualize all the steps in the process of designing and building a website:


TASCO Tax Consulting Services Co., Ltd. provides audit and assurance services with reliable standards and expertise. In addition to meeting the usual audit requirements, we also delve deeper into customer activities. Thereby, helping businesses early detect potential risks in business, finance and related management issues.


According to the provisions of Circular 111/2013 / TT-BTC on PIT finalization, those who have income from salaries and wages but have income from 2 places or more in the year must declare and pay the PIT finalization by themselves. then, at the tax office where the income-paying organization is managing the income-paying organization, the last family-based deduction is calculated at the time of tax settlement, or at the residence of the income-earning individual.


Securities investment advisory service helps customers to grasp information on stock market, analyze financial situation, business performance of securities companies listed at the State Securities Committee. From there, it helps customers to be confident in securities trading in the market.


TASCO provides digital signature services for operators of VIETTEL-CA, NEW-CA, FPT-CA, .... high discounts from 20% - 30%, 24/7 technical support. Digital signatures are used for online tax declaration and payment, customs declaration and online social insurance registration without having to print documents and company stamps to submit directly to agencies.