️☀️ In the current automation industry, the use of software to handle work is necessary. Similar to other activities in the business, accounting work also needs a software to meet the needs of processing information accurately and reasonably in terms of time and cost. So why we need to use accounting software and what are the benefits of using accounting software?

 You spend too much time handling accounting data?

❓ You are having a headache because of complicated accounting data and incorrectly processed accounting data?

❓ The administrator makes the wrong or untimely decision because he doesn’t fully understand about the business’s financial information?

❓ You want to use accounting software but there are too many types of software at present and don't know which is the best product to use?

⭐ Understand all the above concerns of entrepreneurs, TASCO brings you the best solution to optimize the accounting work at your business "ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE PROVIDING SERVICE".

1️⃣ What is accounting software? Why should businesses use accounting software?

Accounting software is an important information system for businesses to understand their internal and external situation, a file of all financial transactions of a business that help managers make the right and timely decisions to develop production and business activities of the enterprise.

2️⃣ Why should businesses use accounting software?

The benefits that accounting software brings to business activities are not small:

✔️ Save time: Saving time is one of the most outstanding benefits of accounting software compared to doing manual accounting.

To use computer software, the user will enter the input data such as invoices and accounting vouchers, then the software will rely on the command structure and available automatic processes to handle the input data and output financial reports to users.

Thus, accountants do not spend too much time calculating complicated calculations, but only need to input data and print the results.

✔️ Save money: When using accounting software, businesses don’t need to hire too many accounting personnel, reducing a large amount of labor costs.

In addition, accounting software also helps monitoring supplies, goods, finished products, and assets of the business, help business minimizing loss and fraud.

✔️ Accuracy: A great advantage of using accounting software is the accuracy of accounting data and financial statements. When doing manual accounting, the calculations are complicated, which inevitably leads to errors in the work performance.

However, accounting software is programmed with very high accuracy, the probability of errors is very low, and errors are mainly due to incorrect data input or incorrect initial information.

✔️ Easy to understand and use:

Most accounting software today has an intuitive interface and user-friendly. Most software has information on how to use it. Once you understand the input process, the possibility of errors will be minimized.

✔️ Create various types of reports easily:

One of the most advantages of accounting software is the ability to create reports with full targets according to the needs of the business in the fastest time. You can even create your own report within seconds. This report can be exported to word or excel files for convenient printing.

In addition, the accurate calculation of accounting data will reduce the correction at the District-level Tax Department.

✔️ Help business owners make quick and accurate decisions:

In the age of technology, the business market is more and more fierce competition, businesses that apprehend internal and external financial information quickly and accurately, the probability of success is higher. Making timely business decisions thanks to full information from accounting software is very important in the business strategies of enterprises.

Difficulties when businesses want to use the software:

 There are too many types of software, businesses don’t know which is the suitable product.

❌ Businesses don’t know whether the software is adjusted to the requirements of the unit or not.

❌ Having difficulties in software installation process, compliance issues, leading to wasteful neglected software.

❌ Give up and go back to use traditional accounting tools because the software can't be come into business use.

✴️ Don't worry, TASCO will help you, TASCO's "ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE PROVIDING SERVICE" will support your business to solve all of the above problems.

When using accounting software providing service at TASCO, you will get:

1️⃣ Software selection consultation with suitable features to the actual business need.

2️⃣ Features consultation and explain what benefit your company's operations get.

3️⃣ Guiding relevant personnel to use the software to ensure that the software will be used in accordance with the stated objectives and requirements of your business.

4️⃣ Check the criteria by request of customers, commit to bring the most satisfied services to customers.

5️⃣ Transfer the operated stably and effectively software.



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