TASCO Consulting Company provide Tax Accounting Service and Company Establishment Service in HCM City. Hotline: 0975480868, Email:

TASCO Consulting Company provide Tax Accounting Service and Company Establishment Service in HCM City. Hotline: 0975480868, Email:

Regulations on temporary payment of CIT for 4 quarters not less than 80% of the year

Decree 91, which was issued by the Government and took effect on 30.10, abolished the regulation that the amount of corporate income tax temporarily paid in the first three quarters of the year must not be less than 75% of the annual finalized tax amount. Join TASCO to learn more about the new regulation on temporary payment of CIT for four quarters, not less than 80% of the year.

Personal income tax finalization service

Individuals earning taxable incomes from salaries and wages must make tax finalization personal income. Individuals can make the final settlement by themselves or authorize an organization to make the settlement on their behalf. In order to support and accompany organizations and individuals, TASCO Tax Agent will bring to customers PIT finalization service with reasonable cost and high responsibility.

Summary of Decree 91/2022/ND-CP

On October 30, 2022, the Government issued Decree 91/2022/ND-CP, which amended many important provisions of Decree 126/2020/ND-CP related to tax administration. This article of TASCO will help customers summarize the important amended contents of Decree 91/2022/ND-CP.

Bookkeeping troubleshooting service - TASCO

Your business after many years of operation has gone through many changes in accounting staff, no one is responsible for the data and explanations when it is inspected by the tax authorities. You are worried about your business's accounting books not being in accordance with the law. Concerned about missing documents, or documents that need to be supplemented or adjusted? Come to TASCO, the accounting book troubleshooting service that will solve all your problems.

Professional corporate income tax finalization service

According to the provisions of the Enterprise Law 2005, the Enterprise Law 2014, the Investment Law and the Enterprise Income Tax Law No. 14/2008/QH12, the Amended Enterprise Law No. 32/2013/QH13, and other legal documents related to production and business. All operating businesses must declare and finalize corporate income tax. In order to support businesses in this regard, TASCO has launched a professional corporate income tax finalization service.

Year-end tax finalization service

Your business has just been established, has no accountant, and does not have many investment costs, so choose the solution to declare tax yourself. Your business doesn't have an accountant or the accountant is on leave, and needs a replacement for a certain period of time? Does your business need someone with enough experience, skills, and qualifications to manage and guide everything related to financial reporting? Do you have questions about year-end tax finalization?

Package shared office service in District 7

Shared office space has appeared and become a prominent member of the popular and popular office real estate business. However, there are still many opinions and statements that are not completely correct about this type of office. Let's learn more about shared office services with TASCO. What are the benefits it brings to the business?

Setting up a company does not need an address because there is already a virtual office of TASCO

Currently, the "virtual office rental service" model is developing strongly in the office leasing segment in Vietnam. This model allows customers to establish a company without a specific business address. It is quite popular with small businesses, and startups, as well as branches, and representative offices. Let's explore with TASCO about setting up a company without a specific business address, all with TASCO's virtual office.

What is the difference between virtual office and shared office?

Virtual and shared offices are currently two types of offices that receive a lot of attention from businesses. If you are looking for an office for your business and do not know which office model to choose, please refer to the following article by TASCO.  

Advantages that virtual offices bring, What is a virtual office?

In recent years, virtual office rental service appears a lot. Virtual offices with beautiful locations, many utilities, and cost savings are gradually becoming a trend chosen by many companies. So what are the benefits that virtual office brings for businesses? Understanding the questions of our customers TASCO  would like to introduce some basic information to be able to better understand the virtual office.

Grade A shared office in District 7

Are you learning about the shared office model? Your company has just started and does not have too many employees. Do you want to start a business and are looking for a good office? Do you want to work at a Grade A shared office? Worried about the cost of shared offices?

Some common misunderstandings about virtual offices today

In recent years, the traditional office seems to be no longer suitable for young businesses. Therefore, the virtual office rental service was born, bringing a cost-effective solution for many small and medium businesses. However, there are still some skeptics about this service and there are often misconceptions about virtual offices that are not true about them. This article by TASCO will give some misunderstandings about virtual offices so that everyone can better understand the new service!
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