❓ When do businesses have to switch to use electronic invoices?

❓ In which decrees are electronic invoices applied?

❓ What are the necessary contents of an electronic invoice?

❓ Do electronic invoices have good security?

✳️ Most businesses when starting to use electronic invoices have the same questions above. To answer, TASCO provides customers with information related to issues surrounding electronic invoices and provides a comprehensive solution for customers: "ELECTRONIC INVOICE PROVIDING SERVICE".

➡️ What is electronic invoice?

Electronic invoice is a collection of electronic data about the sale of goods and provision of services, created, made, sent, received, stored and managed by electronic means, without being printed, this is a comprehensive solution in the technological age that helps organizations and businesses to issue, distribute, process and store electronic invoices instead of issue and use of paper invoices.

 When is it compulsory for businesses to change from paper invoices to electronic invoices?

According to Circular 68/2019/TT-BTC, guiding Decree 119/2018/ND-CP on electronic invoices: Mandating business organizations to use electronic invoices from November 1, 2020.

⚡ What must electronic invoices meet the content?

a) Invoice name, invoice symbol, sample symbol and ordinal number is made according to regulation in Appendix 1 of Circular No. 153/2010/TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance.

b) Name, address, tax identification number of the seller.

c) Name, address, tax identification number of the buyer.

d) Name of goods or services; calculation unit, quantity and unit price of goods and services; amount in numbers and words. For value-added invoices, in addition to the unit price line which is the VAT-exclusive price, there must be a line of VAT rate, VAT amount, and total payable amount written in numbers and words.

e) Electronic signature as prescribed by law of the seller; date, month, year of making and sending invoices. Electronic signature as prescribed by law of the buyer in case the buyer is an accounting unit.

f) Invoices are shown in Vietnamese. In case it is necessary to write foreign words, the foreign words should be placed on the right side in parentheses or right below the Vietnamese line and be smaller than the Vietnamese word.

 Benefits of applying electronic invoices and benefits of using electronic invoice services at TASCO:

1️⃣ Save time and costs:

– No need to print invoices, no printing paper.

– No need to waste time invoicing.

– The cost for an electronic invoice is much cheaper than the cost of printing a printed invoice.

– No need to waste time and cost shipping invoices to customers like paper invoices. Just send it via email or through the portal, very quickly and conveniently.

– Cost of storing invoices by electronic means is much lower than cost of storing paper invoices.

– No fear of loss, torn, wet, burnt or fake invoices.

2️⃣ Easy to manage and use:

– Accounting conveniently, data comparison.

– No invoice lossing or torn, wet, burnt or fake invoice.

– Tax finalization simplification and report on the use of company invoices.

– Can be easily converted to paper invoices according to customer requirements in case some customers are not familiar with electronic forms.

– Convenient for inspection by tax management units.

3️⃣ Convenience in using electronic invoices:

– Issuing quickly and easily anywhere there is internet access or can use an automatic integration accounting software system, in large batches.

– Easy to store.

– Management, statistics, and invoice searching simplification.

4️⃣ Security assurance:

– Because it is created, managed and stored on the software system, it can be extracted directly on the software, electronic invoices have high security and can prevent from fire damage.

 Process of issuing electronic invoices at TASCO:

– Create a sample electronic invoice (can design the company’s logo on the electronic invoice).

– Issuance notice of electronic invoices to tax authorities before use is similar to self-printed invoices. After 2 days from the date of issuance notice, enterprises can issue electronic invoices to customers.

– Enterprises do not need to buy accounting software or electronic invoice creation software to issue electronic invoices or it can be created intermediately through electronic invoice creation software providing company at a very low cost, only 1,500 VND per invoice number.

List of electronic invoice packages price at TASCO:

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