❓ Your business doesn’t have a dedicated department to carry out procedures related to labor such as: labor registration, social insurance registration, tax identification number registration for employees?

❓ You don’t understand the regulations on employment?

❓ You don't want to spend lots of time and money on complicated procedures?

❓ Your business is looking for a professional and reputable company to carry out all the labor work for you?

✴️ Don't worry, understanding the concerns of your business, TASCO provides the optimal solution "LABOR AND PAYROLL SERVICE" to support your business with salary issues and labor registration.

Coming to TASCO's labor and payroll service, what benefits will customers receive?

1️⃣ Professional qualification staff

With professional working experience and training regularly to update new knowledge on tax law, accounting law, social insurance, TASCO is confident to bring customers the best quality services.

2️⃣ Always enthusiastic, proactive

With the working management policy: "WHOLE-HEARTED - RESPONSIBILITY - PROFESSIONAL", TASCO's experts always support customers with a dedicated and responsible attitude as much as possible, bringing satisfaction to customers when using services at TASCO.

3️⃣ Working professionally

TASCO supports businesses from worries about salary issues and labor registration. Enterprise’s data is committed to be safe.

4️⃣ Save time and money

TASCO is committed to carry out the work on schedule, without incurred any costs in the process of using the service, ready to take the highest responsibility for all services provided by TASCO.


Labor and payroll service will carry out:

↪️ Make an labor registration files and submit it to the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs.

↪️ Make social insurance registration files, health insurance registration files, unemployment insurance registration files.

↪️ ax Identification Number registration for employees.

↪️ Prepare payroll, calculate salary for employees.

↪️ Consulting on issues related to salary regulations, social insurance, labor regulations,...


☀️ When customers choose to use the labor and payroll service at TASCO, we commit to bringing you the most professional, reputable and satisfied services, help entrepreneurs feel secure to focus on business activities and development strategies, help your business reduce costs and save time in the most effective way.

☀️ TASCO Tax Agent is proud to be one of the tax agents to be qualified to practice tax procedures, tax accounting and other related fields certified by Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department. With the management policy: "WHOLE-HEARTED - RESPONSIBILITY - PROFESSIONAL", TASCO commit to providing customers with professional and accurate services from the smallest details.

☀️ If you have a need to use the service or have any questions about related issues, please contact TASCO Tax Agent in the ways below for free consultation and use services from TASCO.

TASCO - Tax agent is responsible for all services

Tasco - Give trust - Get value

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