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✨ When starting a business, the important thing to know and control is the operational efficiency every year, every quarter, or even monthly. The best evidence to show the annual business results of that enterprise is through the preparation of financial statements.

✨ The financial statement is an economic and financial information system presented according to the form which is specified in accounting standards and accounting regime. According to regulations, all enterprises belonging to industries and economic sectors must prepare and submit annual financial statements.


📌 You are a small and medium-sized business, you do not have an accountant or an accountant has fewer years in experience?

📌You do not feel secure, do not believe in the accuracy of the financial statements which are prepared by the accounting department, the accounting staff of your own company?

📌 When your business needs financial statements to do tax finalization obligations, get a bank loan, and submit it to a state agency according to regulations?

📌 You need an independent company to check and review accounting vouchers?

📌 You want a professional accounting services firm to prepare financial statements on your behalf?

✨ Calculating business results and preparing annual financial statements requires accountants to know clearly accounting standards, current accounting circulars as well as tax laws. To assist businesses to limit the risks and unreasonable costs related to the preparation and submission of financial statements, TASCO Tax Agent provides the optimal solution "FINANCIAL STATEMENT SERVICE", businesses can be assured of accounting records and focus on other business strategies.

When using the financial statement service at TASCO, we will on behalf of your business:

🌙 Collecting invoices, vouchers, and bookkeeping of the enterprise, collecting information about the accounting regime, the accounting form that the enterprise is using, the method of calculating the depreciation of fixed assets.

🌙  Review, check vouchers, bookkeeping, classify and arrange vouchers

🌙 Remove and edit inappropriate vouchers.

🌙 Make a table of allocation of tools and equipment, pending expenses for transfer, fees waiting for transfer.

🌙 Check the cost of employee’s salary, bonus, and insurance

🌙 Accounting on professional and accurate accounting software.

🌙 Transaction and synthesize information to make bookkeeping, financial statements, profit and loss statement, and financial statement footnotes.

🌙 Print financial statements and bookkeeping according to regulations.

🌙 Consulting, exchanging with enterprises related contents in the process of synthesizing information to prepare financial statements and taking responsibility for these financial statements.

What benefits will your business receive when using the "FINANCIAL STATEMENT SERVICE" at TASCO:

✅ The quality of financial statements and bookkeeping is guaranteed to be the best following with the regulation of law on accounting, tax, invoices, and documents.

✅ Get free advice during your business use our service

✅ Provide financial statements in a timely, accurate, and quickly at any time when required by customers.

✅ A team of experts and staff with more than 15 years of experience and who have a certificate in accounting, tax, investment consulting, and financial analysis often receives weekly training on new accounting policies and regimes. Improve the ability to consult customers and professional skills, in order to bring the best benefits to customers.

✅ Saving time, financial statements of enterprises are prepared and strictly checked by TASCO according to a complete process, ensuring accuracy and reasonableness with the business situation.

✅ Reasonable cost with perfect service quality. TASCO is committed to taking the highest responsibility for all services if the error is caused by our company.

The importance of preparing financial statements:

  • Through the financial statements, businesses will determine whether the business results are profit or loss.
  • Helps to analyze whether the business is using capital and cash flows inside and outside the business efficiently.
  • Help enterprises timely adjustments or offer measures and strategies suitable to the situation of business production, to improve operational efficiency as well as increase profits for enterprises.

Besides, you only need to provide:

Input invoices, output invoices, bank payment vouchers, employee payrolls, business contracts, debt vouchers, tax reports for the preparation of financial statements.


⭐ TASCO is committed to doing tax accounting operations on time, on schedule, providing complete bookkeeping, financial paper, and making tax declarations on time

⭐ TASCO commits to be responsible for paying the fines if TASCO’s errors lead to penalties such as late submission of tax returns, improper reporting,...

⭐ TASCO is committed to protecting customer information after using the service.

⭐ TASCO is committed to being responsible to explain to tax authorities for data and settlement records.

⭐ TASCO is committed to customer satisfaction when using the service.


TASCO tax agent is proud to be one of the agents certified by the Tax Department of Ho Chi Minh City to be qualified to practice tax procedures and tax accounting. With the working motto"WHOLE-HEARTED - RESPONSIBILITY - PROFESSIONAL", TASCO is committed to providing customers with the best quality services, ensuring responsibility for the work, and completing it on time.

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