Procedures for temporary suspension of business activities

  • 04/05/2022 15:17

Notes on the temporary suspension of business activities:

🔰During the operation, the business household may suspend for a permitted period of time. If you do not carry out the procedures to suspend the business household, the owner of the business household will be penalized according to regulations.

🔰 According to Clause 1, Article 76 of Decree No. 78/2015/ND-CP, in case of temporary suspension of business for 30 days or more, the business household must notify the district-level business registration authority and directly managed by tax authorities. The business suspension period must not exceed 1 year.

🔰 In addition, in some cases, individual households may have to suspend their business at the request of the business registration agency or a competent authority when they do not fully meet the prescribed conditions.

🔰 When carrying out the procedures for business suspension, households and individuals must pay the full amount of tax they are afraid of with the tax authority, at the same time pay debts and fulfill contractual obligations with customers and employees, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

When using the service of temporary shutdown of business households, entrepreneurs will receive:

✔ Entrepreneurs just need to provide some papers and documents, everything will be taken care of by TASCO on behalf of the entrepreneur.

✔ Put service quality first, always ensure the progress of work with customers.

✔ Always have TASCO experts to consult 24/7 before and after completing specific:

▪️ Advice on the current situation, reasons and necessary information and documents for dissolution of the company.

▪️ Advice on procedures, implementation time, costs and where to file for dissolution of the enterprise.

▪️ Advising on handling of business cases with tax debt, tax and accounting violations.

▪️ Advice on liquidation of assets upon dissolution and other issues.

▪️  Advice on how to handle issues related to tax obligations, employees, rights and obligations of third parties.

Procedures for carrying out procedures for temporary suspension of business activities:

👉 Step 1: Receive information and advice.

👉 Step 2: Submit application

 ➥ There are 2 ways to apply, specifically:

• Submit the application at the Department of the People's Committee of the district where the business household locates its business or submit it directly at the Finance - Planning Department.

• Submit your application through the Public Service Portal of the province/city where the business household locates its business.

👉 Step 3: Receive and handle the application

➥ The recipient checks the application and gives the receipt to the applicant.

• In case the application is valid, the Finance - Planning Department will issue a Certificate of Business Suspension to the business household.

• In case the application is invalid, the Finance - Planning Department must clearly notify in writing the content that needs to be amended and supplemented to the procedure registrant.

👉 Step 4: Get the result

➥ 3 working days from the date of application submission.

Document of suspension of operation includes:

⏩ Notice of business suspension of individual business households according to the form prescribed by the Ministry of Planning and Investment in Appendix III – 4 of Circular 02/2019/TT – BKHDT;

⏩ Certificate of registration of establishment of an individual business household;

⏩ A copy of the personal papers of the object submitting the application for notification of business suspension of the individual business household;

⏩ Authorization letter if the real notice of business suspension is made by an entity other than the legal representative of the business household.

Why should business people use TASCO's service of suspending business activities?

 Ready to take responsibility if the mistake belongs to TASCO.

2️⃣ Commitment to package costs and no additional costs.

3️⃣ Free consultation support before and after completion 24/7.

4️⃣ TASCO is responsible for explaining and interpreting tax accounting records when state agencies have requests for accounting data to be made.

5️⃣ TASCO is always committed and responsible for keeping your accounting information confidential, even after the contract to provide accounting services has been terminated.

6️⃣ TASCO is always committed and responsible for keeping your accounting information confidential, even after the contract to provide accounting services has been terminated.

✳️ TASCO Tax Agent is proud to be founded and led by CEOs who are experts in Finance - Accounting - Tax with more than 17 years of practical experience and a team of professional, dedicated, highly professional, and constantly updated knowledge regularly. With the management policy "WHOLE-HEARTED - RESPONSIBILITY - PROFESSIONAL", TASCO is committed to providing customers with the best service quality and the most dedicated support.


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