Distinguish between certificate of enterprise registration and business license

  • 19/05/2022 15:08

1. Concepts:

🔰 A business registration certificate is a document in paper or electronic form that records information on business registration that the business registration agency issues to an enterprise.

🔰 A business license is a type of paper issued to enterprises with conditional business lines; This type of paper is usually issued after the Business Registration Certificate.

2. Legally:

️⛳  A business registration certificate is a certificate of the State public administrative agency; is the obligation of the State to protect the ownership of enterprise names. A business organization has been established when a business registration certificate is issued.

️⛳  A business license is an operation permit from a State management agency; is the business right of citizens, also known as the request-grant mechanism.

3. Conditions to be granted:

For business registration certificates:

Business registration lines are not prohibited from business investment;

The name of the business is set in accordance with the provisions of the law

Have valid business registration documents;

Fully pay the business registration fee in accordance with the law on fees and charges.

For business license:

Business conditions are requirements that businesses must have, or must be done when doing business in specific lines or professions; represented by a business license; certificate of business eligibility; practicing certificate; professional liability insurance certificate; legal capital requirements or other requirements.

Fully satisfy the conditions for each conditional business line as prescribed by law. These conditions can be in terms of facilities; legal capital; practicing certificates;…

4. Regarding registration procedures and documents:

For business registration certificates:

⚡ Documents include:

Business registration application form.

Valid documents for each type of business (For example Charter of the company, list of members, copies of documents of citizen identification card, identity card, passport or other personal documents other legal persons, ...).

⚡ Procedures for applying for a business license according to the form of the Department of Planning and Investment.

⚡ The enterprise's application for business registration must be complete and valid.

⚡ Evaluation and examination of conditions shall be carried out by competent State agencies.

For business registration certificates:

⚡ Documents include:

Application form;

Copy of enterprise certificate;

Documents proving satisfaction of business conditions;

⚡ Submit a business registration application.

⚡ Receipt of application for registration of business establishment.

⚡ Reviewing the validity of registration dossiers and granting, or refusing to grant the Certificate of Business Registration.

5. Validity time:

🔗 Business registration certificates: decided by the investor, usually not recorded in the Certificate of Business Registration.

🔗 Business license: allowed by the competent state agency to write in the license, the term is usually from a few months to several years.

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