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Stage 1: Prepare all the necessary information to set up a business establishment profile.

✅ Step 1: Select the type of enterprise that needs to be established, which can be 1 member limited liability company, 2 member limited company or joint stock company, private enterprise, ....

✅ Step 2: Prepare a copy of the identity card or passport of the legal representative and members or capital contributors. Note: A notarized copy of ID card is less than 3 months, ID validity period less than 15 years.

✅ Step 3: Naming the company, it is best to name the company short, easy to remember, easy to pronounce and not completely identical to the company that was established before (applied nationwide). To determine whether our company name is identical with other companies or not.

✅ Step 4: Identify the head office address under the legal use right of the company. The head office of an enterprise is the contact point of the enterprise in the territory of Vietnam, with the specified address including house number, nook, alley, alley, street, street or village, hamlet, commune, ward , town, district, county, town or centrally run city. Addresses can be rented, business owners do not need to be named on the land use right certificate, no household registration required.

✅ Step 5: Determine the charter capital to launch business. Charter capital means the amount of capital contributed or committed to contribute by members or shareholders for a certain period of time and is recorded in the company's charter. The Law on Enterprises 2014 does not regulate minimum or maximum capital except for some conditional business lines that require minimum legal capital by law.

✅ Step 6: Determine the title of legal representative of the company. Regarding the title of the legal representative of the company, the title of representative should be the director or general director.

✅ Step 7: Identify standardized business lines in accordance with the law on business registration. Can refer to conditional business lines National Portal.

Stage 2: Drafting and submitting profile for company establishment

✅ Step 1: Prepare company profile, prepare all the papers specified in Article 20 of Decree 43
✅Step 2: Submit the application to the Provincial Business Registration Office where the head office is located (Article 25 of Decree 43/2010 / ND-CP dated April 15, 2010). Note: It is not necessary that the legal representative of the company is required to file. The legal representative of the company can authorize another person to pay for it. In case of authorization, the authorized person needs a valid power of attorney (Article 9 - Circular No. 01/2013 / TT-BKHDT dated January 21, 2013 of the Ministry of Planning and Investment).

Stage 3: Get a business license

After 03 working days from the date of receipt, if your application is valid you will be issued a Certificate of Business Registration.
During the application process, if your application contains errors or not in accordance with the regulations, the DPI specialist has the right to refuse and request the enterprise to rework or amend the application according to regulations.

Above are detailed instructions on steps to establish a company before going into business.

If you do not prepare the steps to start a company, it can take more than months to get a business license.
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