⭐ Your company has been established and operating for a while and has a desire to establish more branches, business locations, representative offices?

⭐ You want to expand your business market but don’t know the procedures as well as the necessary work?

⭐ You worry that the branch establishment procedures take too much time, affect the head office’s activities?

⭐ You have questions about the regulations on setting up branches, business locations, representative offices and need in-depth consulting on this issue?

⭐ You want to find a reputable - reliable unit to delegate to carry out the procedures for setting up a branch for your company?

⚡ Leave your worries to TASCO to deal with. With branch, representative office, business location establishment service of TASCO, after only 3 working days, your company will receive a branch operation registration certificate and a round seal of the company branch.

A branch is a dependent unit of an enterprise, responsible for performing all or part of the functions of the enterprise, including the function of an authorized representative. The branch's business sectors must be coincident with the enterprise’s sectors.

The branch of an enterprise, although allowed to do business but only an dependent unit of the company and has no independent legal status.

The process of performing the service of registering branches, representative offices, and business locations at TASCO

Step 1: Compose documents and send to customers to sign and seal

Step 2: Submit the application directly at the Business Registration Office or through the Website of the National Business Registration Portal

Step 3: Follow the application process, receive the branch operation registration certificate at the Business Registration Office after 3 working days

Step 4: Engrave a circle seal for the company's branch

Step 5: Disclosure information about a company branch establishment

Documents for a branch operation registration includes:

☀️ Notice about branch operation

☀️ Decision and valid copy of branch establishment

☀️ A valid copy decide the branch head

☀️ A valid copy of one of the personal identification card of the branch head

+ For the branch head who is Vietnamese: Provide a notarized copy of the Identity Card/Citizen Identification Card or Passport

+ For the branch head who is a foreigner: Provide a notarized copy of the Passport and Temporary Residence Card


✔️ Branches are allowed to do business like the holding company, have the right to sign economic contracts on behalf of the holding company.

✔️ A branch can declare and pay taxes separately as an independent unit if it registers as an independent accounting branch.

✔️ Working independently will be convenient for customers because you only need to go to the nearest branch of the company to transact instead of going directly to the head office. With the growing needs of enterprises today, the establish more branches, representative offices and business locations is considered as one of the solid stepping stones for the development of the unit.

✨ TASCO is proud to be an organization founded and led by CEOs with more than 15 years of experience in the field of Accounting - Taxation - Finance and a highly qualified professional team who always update knowledge regularly and working with the management policy "Whole-hearted - Responsibility - Professional", TASCO is committed to bringing you the most perfect service quality.

With only 900,000 VND, you will no longer worry about documents and procedures to apply for an operating license for the branch. Company branch establishment service at TASCO will complete everything for you.


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CEO of TASCO with more than 17 years of experience in the field of financial accounting management in multinational companies.

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TASCO, with the management policy "WHOLE-HEARTED - RESPONSIBILITY - PROFESSIONAL" ensures to provide entrepreneurs with business establishment services, tax accounting services, and tax advices

✍️ Allowable expenses

Lump-sum and reasonable costs, customers don’t have to pay any extra costs, free consultation 24/7 before and after establishment

✍️ Service from heart

Tasco always puts the benefits of customers first. More than anyone else, Tasco understands that customers have to invest lots of money when starting a business. Therefore, Tasco always supports customers to minimize costs to operate a sustainable business.

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Some frequently asked questions

Do setting up a company branch need charter capital?

A branch is a part of the company, whether independent or dependent, and operates on the basis of authorization, capital provided by the holding company, so there is no need charter capital when establishing a branch.

Where to submit the files for branch operation registration?

Enterprises submit files at the Department of Planning and Investment of the province or city.

What taxes does the branch company need to pay?

According to Circular No. 156/2013/TT-BTC, taxes that company branches need to pay include:

Business-license tax:

- Independent accounting branch: Business-license tax declaration must be submitted at the branch's tax authority.

- Dependent accounting branch:

In case the branch is located in the same province as the head office, the license tax declaration must be submitted at the tax office managing the head office.

In case the branch is located in a different province from the head office, the tax declaration and busniess-license fee must be submitted at the branch's tax authority.

Value added tax:

Declare and pay VAT at the branch, if one of the following conditions is satisfied:

Independent accounting branch.

The branch is located in a different province from the head office.

Declare and pay VAT at the head office, if one of the following conditions is satisfied:

Dependent accounting branch

No revenue is incurred

Same province as head office

In case a branch has a seal, a bank deposit account, directly sells goods and services, fully declares input and output value-added tax, and needs to declare and pay separate taxes, it must register to pay separate taxes and use separate invoices.

Company income tax:

If the branch does independent accounting, the branch submits the company income tax declaration file arises at the affiliated unit to the branch's tax authority.

If the branch does dependent accounting, the branch don’t need to submit a company income tax declaration files and the head office submits a tax declaration files for the entire income at the branch.


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