Procedures for re-issuance of a business license

  • 25/05/2022 16:06

1. What should I do if I lose my business license?

️⛳ Losing a business license is completely free of penalties, but it will cause trouble in the process of checking businesses by authorities, directly affecting procedures for bank loans, and registration of telecommunications services. ...

️⛳ If you lose your business license, you need to carry out procedures for re-issuance of an enterprise registration certificate in case an enterprise has been established, or re-issuance of a business registration certificate of an individual household in case a household business has been established.

2. Cases that need to be re-issued with a business license:

✔  Enterprises that need to re-issue their business licenses due to loss, fire, tearing, crushing, or other destruction.

The business license is not issued according to the prescribed documents, orders, and procedures.

Information declared in the business registration file is not truthful or accurate.

If an enterprise has been granted a new business license, the business license of the previous times is no longer valid.

When the household business license is lost, the owner of the household business shall make an application for re-issuance of the certificate of household business registration at the Economic Office of the People's Committee of the district where the business household is located.

3. Procedures for carrying out procedures for re-issuance of business licenses of TASCO:

Step 1: Prepare documents.

 Step 2: Prepare documents and give them to the prescribed to sign.

⏩ Step 3: On behalf of the businessman, submit the application and receive the result at the Business Registration Office.

⏩ Step 4: Carry out the work after receiving the new business license.

     ◾ Dossier for re-issuance of a business license includes:

Report to the police office where the company is located, asking for confirmation of the loss of the business license (if required by the licensing agency).

An application for re-issuance of a business license.

Authorization letter for the individual/unit to directly do the application.

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