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  • 12/12/2022 13:25

1. What is a tax accounting service?

🔰 Accounting service is understood as a service activity, that service does accounting for the Enterprise. In Vietnam, this activity appears a lot, but the service providers are those who must have the consent of the State management agencies to be allowed to perform.

🔰 A tax accounting service is a service to help businesses set up and manage a system of accounting books and tax reports according to the regulations of the tax authorities. Optimizing the accounting system for businesses, making accounting documents, tax finalization, and professional financial statements, working directly with tax authorities, and explaining data to tax authorities when available. inspect, examine and advise on tax accounting policies for businesses.

🔰 Tax accounting services act as a bridge and link between businesses and the state. Thanks to the jobs of tax accountants, it has helped the state to manage the economy more efficiently, and at the same time, it also allows businesses to do business stably and make tax reports in accordance with state regulations. clearly and transparently.

2. Subjects who need to use tax accounting services:

🔗  Newly established businesses, and startups do not have a lot of money

🔗  Small and medium-sized enterprises that have not yet completed their accounting department

🔗  Long-standing business but unstable accounting system, need advice and troubleshooting

🔗  Foreign-invested enterprises, do not understand Vietnamese law

🔗  The business wishes to have a consulting team to help you with tax accounting regulations to reduce tax costs legally.

3. Types of declarations that businesses need to submit:

📌 License tax return:

➤ For businesses that do not have a change in the amount of charter capital on the business registration license, they will only make a license tax declaration once and annually bringing the amount of license tax payable to the tax office. The deadline for submission is January 30 of the fiscal year.

➤ Enterprises that change the amount of charter capital on the business registration license as the license tax level corresponding to the change in the license tax payable, the business that has already made a license tax declaration must now make a new declaration. this and pay tax at the newly changed rate. The new declaration will serve as the basis for paying license tax in the following years.

📌 VAT form:

➤ Enterprises submitting quarterly declarations: are newly established enterprises or enterprises with total revenue of the preceding year of 50 billion VND or less.

➤ Enterprises that submit monthly tax declarations: for businesses with total revenue of over 50 billion VND in the preceding year in the previous year.

📌 Corporate income tax return:

➤ Pay 20% of the total profit at the end of the year. Calculate according to the formula: [Total revenue – Total cost] x 20%.

➤ According to the latest regulations in Circular No. 151/2014/TT-BTC: starting from the fourth quarter of 2014, enterprises do not have to make provisional CIT declarations anymore, but only need to calculate the CIT amount and if any If this provisional amount arises, then bring the money to the tax office to pay.

📌 Personal income tax return:

➤ Subjects to quarterly PIT declaration: enterprises that declare VAT quarterly or enterprises that declare VAT on a monthly basis but whose PIT amount to be withheld in either of the following declarations is less than VND 50 million. : 02KK/TNCN or 03KK/TNCN.

➤ Businesses that submit monthly PIT declarations: are those that declare VAT on a monthly basis and have a PIT amount that must be withheld in either of the following declarations over VND 50 million: 02KK/TNCN or 03KK/TNCN.

4. Tasco's tax accounting service will perform the following tasks on behalf of customers:

💎 Perform monthly accounting books:

✔ Make receipts, payment slips, goods import and export vouchers, accounting vouchers...

✔ General diary;

✔ Ledger of accounts;

✔ Cash book, bank deposit book;

✔ Detailed books such as inventory detail book, debt detail book, fixed asset detail book, tool detail book, tools...;

✔ Financial statements (balance sheet, statement of financial position, business results, cash flows, notes to financial statements).

💎 Make monthly tax report:

✔ Monthly VAT report;

✔ Monthly PIT report.

💎 Making quarterly tax reports:

✔ Quarterly VAT report;

✔ Quarterly PIT report;

✔ Report on the use of quarterly invoices.

⏩  Make annual tax report:

✔ Finalization of annual PIT;

✔ Annual CIT finalization;

✔ Annual financial statements (including balance sheet, business results, cash flows, and notes to financial statements).

⏩ Make tax registration documents at the beginning of each year:

✔ License tax return;

✔ Accounting form registration declaration;

✔ Register of depreciation of fixed assets.

⏩ In addition, we also perform other jobs as follows:

✔ Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual statistical reports;

✔ Directly submit tax reports and work with tax authorities;

✔ Consulting procedures for labor registration and social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance;

✔ Providing professional advice to rationalize the actual expenses that the business has spent in order to reduce the tax payable;

✔ Troubleshooting advice in accounting books;

✔ Consulting and answering questions about tax - accounting;

✔ Representative working with tax authorities.

5. Information that customers need to provide when using Tasco's tax accounting services:

▶ Invoices, sales documents;

▶ Invoices, purchase documents;

▶ Economic contract (if any);

▶ Monthly salary schedule;

▶ Statements of the company's bank accounts;

▶ Situation of receivables and payables;

▶ Other documents related to the company's business activities;

▶ Cashbook;

▶ Digital signature device for Tasco to submit tax statements online.

6. Why should customers use TASCO's Tax accounting service:

1️⃣ There is always a front desk team who usually directly customers on behalf of the business.

2️⃣ Free business license fees.

3️⃣ Full facilities: desk, reception room, meeting room, printer, copy, wifi, drinking water, coffee, confectionery reception, reception,...

4️⃣ Cost only from 500k/month.

5️⃣ Support consulting and solving issues related to Business Registration licenses and related tax accounting policy advice.

6️⃣ 20% reduction in tax accounting costs if signing a 1-year contract.

✳️ TASCO tax agent is proud to be an organization founded and led by CEOs with more than 17 years of experience in the field of Accounting - Taxation - Finance in multinational companies with a team of highly qualified professionals, always updating their knowledge regularly and working with the motto "DEFINITION - RESPONSIBILITY - PROFESSIONAL" ensuring to provide businessmen with business establishment services, tax accounting services, the most reputable and professional tax consultant. Besides, TASCO always puts the interests of business people first. More than anyone else, TASCO understands that customers have to invest a lot of money when starting a business. Therefore, TASCO always supports customers to minimize costs to operate their businesses sustainably.

👉 In addition, when using TASCO's services, customers also receive the following souvenirs including: 01 pen and 01 thermos bottle bearing the meaningful TASCO logo.

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