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Step 1: Open a bank account and buy digital signature

  • Upon receiving the business license (MST DN), the enterprise needs to open a bank account and buy digital signatures

Step 2: Declare and pay license tax

  • After being posted on the establishment announcement and the company sign is posted, what else should a newly established company do? One of the equally important tasks that need to be done is that within 30 days from the date the enterprise is issued the Enterprise Certificate, the newly established company must go to the tax authority to carry out the declaration and payment procedures. excise. The business registration agency must send business registration information to the tax office for management.

  • If the company does not declare or declare late, it will be subject to administrative penalties and late payment tax interest. License tax payable by newly established companies is based on the charter capital stated in the Certificate of Business registration.

Step 3: Select a method to declare VAT, Techmart, and invoice

  • Currently, there are two methods of calculating VAT: the deduction method and the direct method. Depending on the company's conditions on the level of its charter capital and business lines, which method is suitable, the corresponding VAT calculation method will be applied. For newly established businesses, the VAT declaration and payment are made quarterly.

  • PIT and CIT, if incurred at the time of company establishment, must declare and pay taxes. During the operation of the above two types of taxes, the company shall conduct tax settlement according to the provisions of law.

Step 4: Select the accounting method and depreciation of fixed assets

  • Determine the size of the business and choose an appropriate form of accounting

The above is a step-by-step guide for a newly established business.

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