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Why do we need personal income tax finalization service?
PIT finalization can also be done by itself or can also be hired by an authorized accounting service company.

  • However, not everyone knows the regulations on personal income tax calculation. So hiring an accounting company will declare correctly in accordance with the law.

  • The implementation of the settlement will have to compile a dossier, submit the dossier again and receive the results. There is also enough knowledge to exchange and answer tax officials. Therefore, hiring personal income tax finalization service is faster and more efficient than going to work by yourself.

The individuals required to conduct PIT finalization include:

  • The person whose income exceeds the prescribed level must pay tax

  • People with income from many different sources

  • The person whose income is taxable

Provisions on who must perform PIT finalization

  • All resident individuals earning income (including salaries, wages, rentals, ...)

  • If the individual has only one source of income, usually the business where the individual works will do it instead.

  • Individuals with multiple sources of income must conduct self-finalization with the tax authority on all their income, not authorize any other organization.

Why should you choose TASCO's PIT finalization service?

The cost of the settlement service is relatively cheap. It's a lot more economical and quick than doing it yourself.

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