Accounting data review service

  • 29/05/2020 14:21

Accounting data review service helps enterprises to quickly detect errors in the accounting book system of the Company, and at the same time give advice to complete accounting books to ensure compliance with regulations of "Tax management Law''
Most of the books of enterprises are often quite messy, there are not enough documents - invoices, incorrect accounting, some accounting operations have errors, financial statements are not reasonable about the reasonableness, Accounting data - accounting may not be consistent between years ...
There are many reasons leading to this situation, possibly due to a lack of management and accounting records of the business owner; due to inexperienced accountants or a change in personnel that makes the behavior of the new and the old not the same ... This easily leads to conflicts occurring in the statistical data for the settlement. Therefore, the accounting book review is a very important issue and if you do not have the time or the staff does not have much experience, you can use services from accounting firms.

The accounting book review service will ensure the following specific issues:
• Review and re-evaluate the current status of the enterprise's accounting system
• Conducting checking vouchers and accounting books of the business over the years
• Compare the original documents with the value added tax return each month to correct if there is an error
• Handling tax-related errors
• Deal with certain conditions such as invalid documentation or loss of documents
• Helping businesses to adjust the optimal rationality on reports
• Allocate - adjust the accounting according to regulations
• Set up and print bookkeeping system
• Proceeding with making annual financial statements for the enterprise

TASCO provides a service of checking accounting data to help businesses detect errors in the accounting book system.
With the accounting data review service, businesses can be completely assured that the entire accounting book system will be checked and completed in accordance with current regulations. Ensure there are no errors and other violation issues.

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