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At the same time, control costs, analyze business results and offer measures to advise management on strategies to increase company profits, financial planning and analyzing data. Finance helps the company to control well the financial situation of the business.

According to the provisions of the Accounting Law, right from the beginning, enterprises must immediately appoint a chief accountant. In case there is no person who meets the criteria / conditions to work as chief accountant, the competent authorities must hire chief accountants. However, individuals in the role of chief accountant must meet the standards and regulations of the accounting law and have a chief accountant certificate.

In order to meet the needs of many businesses, TASCO Company provides chief accountant services to help businesses comply with accounting regulations as well as related tax regulations.

Chief accountant services not only comply with regulations, but in fact, the use of chief accountants helps enterprises to set up an accounting system, ensuring the quality of the work of accounting. benefits for businesses. responsible for, supervising and ensuring the working quality of the accounting department at the company.

Besides, for small and medium enterprises, hiring a chief accountant to work full time at the company will cost a large amount of money for the business. Using the chief accountant service will contribute to reduce costs as well as maximize the use of personnel at the company.

In case the business lacks key tax accountant personnel in the company, the chief accountant service is also a solution to help businesses fill vacancies as well as maintain the job of the accounting department at work.

Help businesses get an experienced personnel responsible for the control of work and have full legal status, sign on newspapers, documents and books.

Every month, the chief accountant is responsible for checking the system of books, accounting methods and accounting data of the accounting department.

In addition to checking the books performed in the month, the Chief Accountant will control the accounting voucher system to avoid causing misplacement and timely handling plans to avoid causing damage to the business

Control and guarantee to submit VAT reports monthly and quarterly according to the tax obligations of the enterprise

Complete control of accounting book reporting system;

Control and advise tax policy, make annual financial statements and year-end settlement;

Ensuring stability and continuity in accounting and financial management;

Consulting and adjusting accounting data in accordance with the law and is beneficial to the business;

Consulting and monitoring the financial and accounting system of enterprises;

Periodic management reports to the board of directors;

Summary of tax risks for activities arising in the production and business process of enterprises. At the same time, there are also plans to advise, support, and remove problems for business owners

Directly explain to tax authorities when making corporate tax finalization within the scope of work performed;

Appointing the name of the chief accountant, signing on the accounting records falls under the responsibility according to the provisions of law.

With the work that a chief accountant will perform to help businesses, Cong Minh Tax Agent believes that our service of hiring chief accountants will bring satisfaction to businesses. And at the same time it ensures book quality, work efficiency as well as relieve tax worries and risks for businesses.

Using the chief accountant service will help the accounting apparatus of businesses operate properly, save the risk of tax violations, optimize tax costs and help businesses control the situation well. its finance and business results.

Enterprises that do not have or do not have a professional chief accountant have high professional qualifications and experience in managing the accounting apparatus. Businesses want maximum cost savings instead of paying salaries, bonuses, social insurance and other benefits for a qualified chief accountant.

With a team of managers and founders with more than 14 years of experience in organizing the management of the accounting apparatus in large companies in Vietnam. TASCO will provide reputable and dedicated chief accountant services to businesses to help businesses feel secure when using the company's chief accountant service at a much lower cost than other companies in the same industry in the market.

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