Consulting company financial management

  • 29/05/2020 13:24

The goal of corporate financial management

  • Long-term purpose: solution orientation and the main path to create capital, in accordance with special growth strategy, industry strategy, market strategy of enterprises and set main ambitions in development steps of the business in terms of finance.

  • Short-term goals: ensure capital sources for operations, ensure spending and payment skills, well implement businesses' financial rights and obligations, perform safely, economically and efficiently in financial spending. .

Principles of corporate financial management
There are many principles of corporate financial governance. It can completely depend on the business lines, the type of company, the state mechanism ... however, there are some basic principles of corporate financial management as follows:

  • Trade-off: the higher the risk, the higher the interest already deducted

Every investment or sponsorship decision a company has, in addition to the expectation of return, has many dangers. Therefore, how to accept the level of danger and how to control the danger to ensure the interest has been deducted from the investment is the most effective is one of the principles that any financial manager. must also be carefully considered.

  • Time quality of money

When a company makes a decision to allocate a large sum of money, in addition to the inevitable opportunity cost incurred, it is also affected by the value decrease (or increase) gradually over time due to inflationary factors. play ...

  • The impact of taxes

For example, a decision to invest in building a factory (fixed assets) may face a choice of tax incentives or preferential tax treatment for land and resource use in locations. different directions. Sometimes the local preferential tax mechanism will be a lever to help the company to perform better, but it is likely to have the opposite effect.
Loans and Equity: leverage financial leverage
There will be many barriers if only the limited capital of the owner is used to invest in the development of production and trade activities of the business. In order to minimize interest deducted capital, loans or financial leverage will be a significant factor to promote business efficiency, but, if used ineffectively, it will also burden the business itself. Karma.

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