Cheap and fast website design services

  • 29/05/2020 11:43

Step 1: Customers prepare content - images

  • It is necessary to prepare the content and images that you want to put on the website, so there will be a better design basis, better and faster. Avoid the website when put on the internet without content.

Step 2: Register a domain name (Domain name) and Rent a server (Webhosting)

  • Registering a domain name is the first thing to do, a private domain name affirms its position, makes it easy for customers to find your website, while protecting your business's brand on the Internet.

  • Webhosting is a space on a server that has Internet services installed such as ftp, www, ... where you can store web content or data on that space.

Step 3: Get website design requirements
Record information requested by customers, focusing on the following contents:

  • Recognition of website feature requests

  • Recognition of artistic requirements for website

  • Record your domain name and website host requests

  • TASCO will advise on additional features based on actual customer requirements

  • TASCO summarizes the request for website construction and detailed implementation plan to send to customers

  • Receiving documents, information, images for website design

  • Sign a website design contract

Step 4: Website design
Design Layout Design - Price - Implementation Time

  • Depending on the size and needs of individuals and businesses, websites will have different functions and complexity. With a team of experts and creative, experienced programmers, TASCO will help you get the most impressive, efficient and economical website.

Step 5: Guide to use and manage website

  • will guide your staff on the easiest and most convenient way to use the Website with just the knowledge of office information (attached to the User Guide). After handing over, you have full rights to use and manage the Website.

Step 6: Website maintenance

  • Your website, after being built, needs regularly updated information to ensure its freshness. Thereby, customers can see the development of your company. TASCO will assist customers in the process of using and administering the website.

Step 7: Promote the website

  • For your website to operate most effectively, in addition to printing the website address on the company's business card, introducing to friends and relatives, you can also promote on the mass media, the networks. commercial, newspaper and electronic websites. Publish website to search engines Google, Yahoo, MSN, ..

The company TASCO provides affordable website design services that will help you create an impressive website


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