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✅ Are you a new business that has not yet recruited a chief accountant or want to save costs on salary, bonus, social insurance, .. for the chief accountant?

✅ Your business needs a chief accountant with high qualifications, lots of practical experience in the fields of accounting, tax, finance, a chief accountant must have a Certificate of Auditor (CPA) or a practicing certificate issued by the Ministry of Finance

✅ You need a chief accountant for a period of time to implement a project, temporarily replacing the current chief accountant of your business?

✅ Your business is a small and medium-sized enterprise, you do not want to recruit chief accountants to save costs?

✅ Do you need a chief accountant to manage the activities of the accounting department, check and review financial statements, tax reports, and guide accounting staff to do their work?

⭐ Don't worry, TASCO will help you to complete the above demand, support businesses to manage the operations of the accounting department in particular and the business operation in general. TASCO Tax Agent offers the optimal solution for your business: "CHIEF ACCOUNTING SERVICES


Benefits of businesses when using chief accounting services:

▪️ The presence of the chief accountant helps businesses comply with legal regulations.

▪️ The chief accountant at the enterprise will be in charge, supervise and ensure the working quality of the accounting department at the company.

Besides, for small and medium-sized enterprises, recruiting a chief accountant to work full-time at the company will cost a large amount of money for the business. Using the service of hiring a chief accountant will contribute to reducing costs as well as making the most of the use of human resources at the company.

▪️ In case the business lacks key tax accountants in the company, the chief accountant tax service is also a solution to help businesses fill the vacancies as well as maintain the work of the accounting department. At the company.

▪️ You have an experienced staff in charge of controlling the work and have full legal status, helping the business to sign on reports or documents.


First:  Professional and conscientious staff with more than 15 years of experience in the field of tax accounting, chief accountant, operates based on the certificates issued by the Ministry of Finance. TASCO is committed to ensuring the quality of work when taking the position of chief accountant at your business.

Second: When using TASCO's chief accountant service, your business is completely assured of accounting problems, tax obligations with state agencies.

Third: The majority of customers who have been using accounting services and chief accountants service at TASCO feel very satisfied with the working style and quality from TASCO.

Fourth: With the working motto: "WHOLE-HEARTED - RESPONSIBILITY - PROFESSIONAL", we are committed to taking full responsibility if there are errors that are caused by TASCO.

Fifth: Always putting the customer's rights first, TASCO is committed to not arise any unreasonable costs during the service period, committed to providing chief accountant service with perfect quality and reasonable cost.

What will the chief accountant at TASCO perform?

🍀 Checking bookkeeping, accounting data, and account accounting of the accounting department.

🍀 Check the voucher system to avoid loss, damage which causes bad influence to the business

🍀 Control and ensure the submission of monthly/quarterly VAT declarations on time, check the tax payment to ensure the fulfillment of tax obligations for the business.

🍀 Consulting about current tax policies, ensuring timely finalization of CIT and PIT.

🍀 Control and prepare annual financial statements.

🍁 When using the service at TASCO, your business can be completely assured about the problems of bookkeeping, tax accounting, and the financial situation. TASCO Tax Agent commits to accompany customers throughout you use the service. Most of the customers when using the service at TASCO feel the enthusiasm and conscientiousness that TASCO brings!

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