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  • 08/07/2022 13:49

1. What is a PIT withholding document?

⏩ A personal income tax withholding voucher is a document or document, prescribed by a competent authority according to a form, that is issued to individuals withholding the personal income tax that represents the tax withheld accordingly.

2. The cases where PIT withholding vouchers are granted:

✔ For employees who do not sign a labor contract, or sign a labor contract of fewer than three months, have the right to request the income payer to issue deduction vouchers for each deduction or 1 voucher for many deductions.

✔ For individuals who sign labor contracts of three months or more, are required to issue tax withholding vouchers in a tax period.

✔ Personal income tax withholding vouchers are prescribed according to the available form of the tax authorities, with individuals who want to enjoy tax deductions, must order printed or purchased directly at the tax offices.

✔ Tax deduction vouchers are self-printed when the organization meets the following conditions: has legal status, has tax registration, has a tax code, has the required equipment, has security software, and is not penalized for tax violations.

✔ With the purchase of tax vouchers, a set of documents must be prepared to submit to the tax authority with the following vouchers: an application for a tax withholding voucher, a business registration license, and a business introduction letter.

3. Procedures for purchasing PIT withholding vouchers:

🔅 Pursuant to Decree No. 123/2020/ND-CP, income payers wishing to use withholding vouchers must submit dossiers to tax authorities directly managing them through thuedientu portal.

🔅  Documents include: Notice of deduction of vouchers. Use the receipt issuance notice form 02/PH-BLG Appendix IA.

🔅  In case thuedientu portal has not updated form 02/PH-BLG, income-paying organizations send documents to hcmtax portal.

🔅 Note: For income-paying organizations that are representative offices without digital signatures, to save costs, the representative office can register a digital signature that is issued once and is valid for use within 5 days.

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6️⃣ TASCO is always committed and responsible for keeping your accounting information confidential, even after the contract to provide accounting services has been terminated.

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