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  • 04/05/2022 16:06

Does your business still not have a digital signature?

⚡ Do you have more questions about digital signatures?

⚡ Do you need answers to these questions?

✳️ TASCO Tax Agent will help you solve the above problems with a digital signature service. All your business problems will be solved with the quality of service that TASCO experts bring. With many years of experience in the field of business legal advice, TASCO will solve it in the fastest time, with the most economical cost for your business.

What is a digital signature?

🔰 A digital signature is a form of electronic signature, this signature is created to encrypt data with a message and use an asymmetric cryptography, now the person who has the message in the data will public key the signature of the correctly identified signer.

🔰 Pursuant to Clause 6, Article 3 of Decree 130/2018/ND-CP detailing digital signatures and digital signature certification services: A digital signature is a form of electronic signature created by transforming a data message using an asymmetric cryptographic system, the person who obtained the original data message and the signer's public key can be precisely determined:

✔ The above transformation is generated with the exact same private key corresponding to the public key in the same key pair;

✔ Content integrity of the data message since the above transformation is performed.

✔ Digital signatures can be divided into two main parts:

➤ Hardware - looks like a USB stick (called a USB token) and is secured with a password or PIN code;

➤ A digital certificate is an integral part of a digital signature, containing all encrypted data of an enterprise.

Uses of digital signatures:

✅ An electronic digital signature is a device that ensures safety and accuracy, has high confidentiality and data integrity;

✅ Save time: Carry out e-commerce transactions by replacing hand signatures, making transactions faster;

✅ Quick procedure, no need to directly sign by hand;

✅ For organizations and enterprises, a digital signature is equivalent to the seal and signature of the legal representative;

✅ Help you sign in electronic transactions, sign mail to confirm the sender of mail to customers;

✅ Digital signature makes direct securities investment, purchase, payment, and money transfer confidential and secure;

✅ Save the cost of printing declarations or going to the tax authorities for declaration when making online tax declarations or online customs clearance;

✅ Insurance premiums;

✅ Electricity contracts can be signed with customers online through electronic contracts;

✅ Digital signatures can be used with enterprise management applications with a high degree of trust, security, and authenticity.

Why should business people use TASCO's service

1️⃣ Ready to take responsibility if the mistake belongs to TASCO.

2️⃣ Commitment to package costs and no additional costs.

3️⃣ Free consultation support before and after completion 24/7.

4️⃣ TASCO is responsible for explaining and interpreting tax accounting records when state agencies have requests for accounting data to be made.

5️⃣ TASCO is always committed and responsible for keeping your accounting information confidential, even after the contract to provide accounting services has been terminated.

6️⃣ TASCO is always committed and responsible for keeping your accounting information confidential, even after the contract to provide accounting services has been terminated.

✳️ TASCO Tax Agent is proud to be founded and led by CEOs who are experts in Finance - Accounting - Tax with more than 17 years of practical experience and a team of professional, dedicated, highly professional, and constantly updated knowledge regularly. With the management policy "WHOLE-HEARTED - RESPONSIBILITY - PROFESSIONAL", TASCO is committed to providing customers with the best service quality and the most dedicated support.


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