Procedures for setting up an individual business household

  • 04/08/2022 12:26

1. What is an individual household business?

⚡ Individual household business is a form of business owned by an individual or a group of people including individuals who are Vietnamese citizens who are full 18 years old, have full civil act capacity, or a household owns and is responsible for all its assets for business activities.

⚡ Each person is only allowed to establish one individual business household nationwide.

⚡ Business activities of individual households can only issue value-added invoices directly.

⚡ Individuals and household members who are Vietnamese citizens from the age of 18 have the full legal capacity and civil act capacity, have the right to establish business households, and are obliged to register business households in accordance with regulations.

2. Rights and obligations of the owner of an individual business household:

🔰 The owner of the business household shall fulfill the tax obligations, financial obligations, and business activities of the business household in accordance with the law.

🔰 The owner of the business household represents the business household as a claimant for civil matter settlement, plaintiff, defendant, a person with related interests and obligations before Arbitration, Court, and other rights and obligations. otherwise prescribed by law.

🔰 The owner of the business household may hire another person to manage and operate the business activities of the household business. In this case, the head of the business household and the household members participating in the business household registration are still liable for debts and other property obligations arising from the business activities.

🔰The owner of the business household and members of the household participating in business household registration are responsible for the business activities of the household business.

🔰 Other rights and obligations as prescribed by law.

3. TASCO's individual business household establishment service process:

👉 Step 1Advise business people on the regulations for setting up a company

👉 Step 2: Prepare documents and give them to business people to sign.

👉 Step 3: TASCO will submit the application on your behalf and receive the results.

👉 Step 4: Hand over the registration certificate to entrepreneurs.

👉 Step 5: Post-establishment consultation.

A dossier of the establishment of an individual business household includes:

➥ An application for registration of individual household business.

➥ Copy of ID card/citizen identification of the business household owner.

➥ Copy of ID card/citizen identification of household member.

➥ Copy of meeting minutes of household members.

➥ The application form is provided at the Business Registration Office of the District where the individual business household is located.

➥ Lease contract for the location of the business household.

Some information you need to provide:

➥ Business household name, business location address.

➥ Line of business.

➥ Amount of business capital.

➥ Full name, number, and date of issue of the identity card of the head of the business household or household representative.

➥ The residential address of the individual or household representative.

➥ Signature.

4. Why should entrepreneurs use TASCO's consulting service for setting up an individual business household?

1️⃣ Ready to take responsibility if the mistake belongs to TASCO.

2️⃣ Commitment to package costs and no additional costs.

3️⃣ Free consultation support before and after completion 24/7.

4️⃣ TASCO is responsible for explaining and interpreting tax accounting records when state agencies have requests for accounting data to be made.

5️⃣ TASCO is always committed and responsible for keeping your accounting information confidential, even after the contract to provide accounting services has been terminated.

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