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Stage 1. Prepare the information for company / business incorporation

 Step 1. Select the type of business:

There are many different types of legal firms / firms in Vietnam recognized by the government. Therefore, the company establishment registrant needs to understand the outstanding features of each type, from which to choose to suit the situation, with the development vision of the company. There are 4 types of businesses that are relatively common in Vietnam, which will be analyzed in more detail below.

Step 2. Prepare ID card (passport) notarized copy:

Notarized copy of ID card is less than 3 months, ID period is not more than 15 years.

Step 3. Select the name of the company and the address of its head office:

Company founder or enterprise must not name an enterprise that is identical or confusingly similar to that of another company registered in the national enterprise registration database, except for dissolved entities or courts. declaration of bankruptcy (compare according to Clause 2, Article 42 of the Law on Enterprises)

The address of the head office must be in the territory of Vietnam, with identified information including house number, alley, lane, alley (if any), street, district, city,….

Step 4. Select charter capital:

Step 5. Select the title of company representative:

Director or General Director

Step 6. Select the business lines:

You need to clearly define whether your business line requires any additional conditions (legal capital, other regulations, ...)

Stage 2. Establishment of Company

Step 1. Prepare company profile

Company documents that need to be prepared include:

  • Application for business registration

  • Draft of Company's charter

  • List of shareholders, founding members

  • Authentication papers of members, legal representative;

  • Valid personal identification papers of the authorized representative and the legal representative

  • Written confirmation of legal capital

  • Valid copies of practicing certificate and Vietnamese ID card of the person having practice certificate, for enterprises conducting business lines requiring practice certificates

Step 2. Submit your company profile at the provincial business registration office

Step 3. In case of authorized submission, there must be a power of attorney

Step 4. It is possible to register the establishment of the Website of the Planning and Investment Department to save time

Step 5. To be granted a business registration certificate after 5 days from the date of receipt

Stage 3. Seal Making Procedure

1. Hold a copy of the business registration certificate to the establishment that has the function of marking to make the legal seal for the company.
2. The legal person seal will be transferred to the police of the province or city to check the registration and return the seal to the enterprise.
3. When receiving the seal, the business representative brings the business registration certificate (original) and presents the ID card

After 03 working days from the date of receipt, if your application is valid you will be issued a Certificate of Business Registration.

You will receive a business license after 3 working days and company round mark.
During the application process, if your application contains errors or not in accordance with the regulations, the DPI specialist has the right to refuse and request the enterprise to rework or amend the application according to regulations.

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