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Small and medium-sized enterprises without accountants?

✨ Large-scale enterprise, need to be stable in tax accounting?

✨Businesses that need to manage the entire accounting system such as cleaning bookkeeping, finalizing taxes monthly, year-end, and working with tax authorities?

✨ Businesses need services to help them solve problems related to Accounting Law, circulars, decrees, accounting standards so as not to be penalized?

✴️ Understanding the worries of your business, " LUMP-SUM ACCOUNTING SERVICE" of TASCO Tax Agent was born to help businesses share their worries and reduce their worries. With a team of professional staff, highly specialized knowledge, and always updated regularly to ensure to bring customers the most perfect service quality.


✔️ Highly qualified staff

  • The staff is trained with extremely high professional expertise, always capable of handling complex transactions well. At the same time, the coordination and support among team members also help to improve efficiency.

✔️ Constantly updating changes in the law

  • The accounting industry requires experts to always update changes and supplements in the laws to serve the best and most accurate work. Tax accounting service units always take the lead in receiving circulars and laws and giving timely solutions to each customer.

✔️ Ensure progress and quality of work

  • All procedures, processes, issues related to accounting, tax, ... are solved by accounting services in the shortest time with a commitment to 100% accuracy.

✔️ Save time for businesses

  • Because a team of highly specialized personnel will help businesses perform accounting - tax operations quickly, efficiently, and without spending much time. With situations or businesses arising in the process of operation, tax accounting services also provide quick and accurate solutions so as not to waste the time and effort of customers.

✔️ Cost savings for businesses

  • Only from 499K/month. Enterprises will not need to pay other large expenses such as monthly employee salaries, allowances, support ... but still receive enthusiastic and attentive service from a team of staff with many years of experience. experience, with a high level of expertise.


🍁 Make periodical tax reports on behalf of the enterprise as prescribed.

🍁 Prepare accounting documents, accounting books, tax finalization, financial statements in accordance with regulations.

🍁 Working directly with tax authorities on behalf of the enterprise, explaining data to tax authorities when having inspection and examination.

🍁 Free tax accounting advice during service use.

🍁 Enjoy attractive offers on the company's lump-sum accounting services.

🍁 Maximum savings on accounting costs (you don't need to pay social insurance, don't need to hire more accountants).

🍁 Be consulted, answer tax questions whenever the business needs by experts with deep expertise in tax accounting with many years of experience.


▶️ Perform tax accounting operations to ensure on time, on schedule, provide complete bookkeeping and vouchers, and declare tax on time.

▶️ Be responsible for paying fines instead if errors caused by TASCO lead to penalties such as late submission of tax returns, improper reporting, etc.

▶️ Confidentiality of customer information after using the service.

▶️ Be responsible for explaining to tax authorities about data and settlement records.

▶️ TASCO is committed to always satisfying customers when using the service.

📌 TASCO Tax Agent with the management policy "WHOLE-HEARTED - RESPONSIBILITY - PROFESSIONAL", always ensuring to bring to customers the perfect quality financial, accounting, and tax services. More than 200 customers when using services at TASCO feel very satisfied with the service quality here. What are you waiting for, if you are in need of lump-sum accounting service, please contact TASCO Tax Agent immediately, we are sure to provide you with the most optimal solutions for your business. on tax accounting with reasonable cost and perfect service quality

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