Advantages of the shared office model

  • 20/10/2022 16:44

1. Beautiful space, boosting productivity - blowing creativity:

🔰 With an effective working environment for you to spend time every day not only brings great benefits in terms of morale and productivity but also helps to impress partners and attract potential candidates when hiring. use.

🔰 Most shared office service providers have invested in extremely thorough architecture to create a competitive and distinct advantage in the market. Thanks to that, customers are the ones who benefit from beautiful designs, and unique offices that stimulate creativity. Meeting partners also become favorable

2. Cost saving:

➤ Installing and maintaining a traditional office takes a lot of money and effort.

➤ The shared office service gives freelancers and young entrepreneurs the opportunity to work in a civilized office, fully equipped with all utilities, and no longer worry about extra costs.

3. Dynamic working environment:

🔅 The shared office service gives you a space surrounded by like-minded young people from many different professions. This creates a great connection to your network, making it easy to learn from each other and spark new ideas from here.

🔅  However, whether this is enforced or not depends a lot on how the space owner connects and whether the user wants to join or not.

4. Flexibility:

✔️ Most shared office services offer extremely flexible hours and packages.

✔️ When using a shared office service, means you can access all the spaces here: From a shared space with a busy atmosphere to a private room for effective brainstorming new ideas, meeting rooms for exchanging ideas with the team, or relaxing at the pantry, entertainment at any time of the day.

✔️ The shared office service also offers individual service packages that are flexible seats or fixed seats. Whoever you are, what you are looking for, you will have a space to fit.

5. Convenient location:

✔ One of the criteria to choose an office is a favorable geographical location. Therefore, shared offices are always located in prime locations, convenient to meet customers. In addition to being convenient for the movement of customers, and avoiding traffic jams affecting work, then the beautiful location will be ideal for you to place billboards or company signs that are always interested by businesses providing shared office services. A beautiful location is a smart start for the development of start-up companies in the future.

6. Many utilities are available at the shared office service:

✔ With many facilities available such as business establishment services, meeting room rental services, printing services, phone reception services, mailers or receptions ... it will certainly reduce a large amount of money for your company. You only need to pay for the seat rental to have an office with everything needed. Your employees will stay productive with stable internet, cool air, drinks, and necessary office equipment available at any time.

7. Incentives when using TASCO's shared office service:   There is always a reception team who usually directly customers on behalf of the business.   Free business license fees.   Full facilities: desk, reception room, meeting room, printer, copy, wifi, drinking water, coffee, confectionery, reception,...   Cost only from 500k/month.   Support consulting and solving issues related to Business Registration licenses and related tax accounting policy advice.   20% reduction in tax accounting costs if signing a 1-year contract.

👉 In addition, when using TASCO's services, customers also receive the following souvenirs including: 01 pen and 01 thermos bottle bearing the meaningful TASCO logo.


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