Instructions for making VAT declarations

  • 24/06/2022 15:07

First, to declare on the VAT return, you must have software to support the declaration.

🔰 Step 1: Log in to the HTKK system and select the declaration:

➥ Go to HTKK software => Fill in the tax code of the business => Select "Agree".

➥ Select "System" and fill in the business information => Select "Record".

➥ Select "Value Added Tax" => Select "Deducted Value Added Tax (01/GTGT)".

➥ Select "Quarterly" or "Monthly" => Select "Agree".

🔰 Step 2: Declare the VAT declaration:

Declare the VAT invoice of the previous period to:

✔ Criteria 21: Check here if there is no input/output invoice in the tax return period

✔ Criteria 22: Taxpayers take the deductible VAT amount of the previous period, it should correspond to the tax amount recorded on the last period's VAT declaration at criteria 43.

Declare input VAT invoices:

✔ Criteria 23: The total value of goods and services purchased in the declaration period but not yet included in VAT.

✔ Criteria 24: Is the total VAT on purchased goods and services

✔ Criteria 25: Is the total VAT on goods and services purchased and deducted

Declare the output VAT invoice:

✔ Target 26: This is the total revenue from the sale of goods and services not subject to VAT.

✔ Criteria 27, 28, 34, 35, 36, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43: The software will automatically update.

✔ Criteria 29: Total revenue from selling goods and services at the tax rate of 0%

✔ Criteria 30, 31: Total revenue from goods and services with the tax rate of 5% and VAT.

✔ Criteria 32, 33: Total revenue from goods and services with the tax rate of 10% and VAT.

✔ Criteria 32a: Is the total revenue from the sale of goods and services that do not have to be declared and VAT payment.

✔ Criteria 37: It is a downward adjustment.

✔ Criteria 38: It is an upward adjustment.

✔ After completing the criteria, taxpayers need to export XML online to complete the VAT declaration process for businesses.

🔰 Step 3: Submit VAT declaration:

⏩ Taxpayers log into the portal website of the General Department of Taxation at:

⏩ Upload the XML tax return to the system.

⏩ Select "Digital Sign".

⏩ Select "Submit declaration".

⏩ Select "Lookup" to check the status of the declaration.

⇒ If you have any questions, please register here for TASCO's earliest advice or contact hotline: 0975480868 (Zalo)

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