How to look up electronic invoices according to Circular 78

  • 05/07/2022 15:32

Method 1: Look up information on each invoice at the EFY-iHOADON software website:

⏩  Step 1: Access the address

⏩  Step 2: Select "By invoice number and lookup code" when the user wants to look up by invoice number and lookup code

➥ Enter the full invoice number and lookup code (the lookup code is printed at the end of the invoice) => Select “Lookup”

➥ In case you want to look up invoices by existing files, select “From file” => “Select file” and download the original XML invoice file > “Look up”

⏩  Step 3: Get search results:

➥ If the returned result is invoice information, ie the invoice is valid, the system will display the invoice's information: Invoice type, Invoice date, Invoice number, Model number, Symbol, Invoice status, deed information, invoice file in XML, pdf or cer formats. Units can download invoices or convert invoices for storage.

➥ If the returned result is that the invoice information does not exist, the system will report an error.

🔰  At this time, the business will check the information entered and contact the seller if the search results do not change.

Method 2: Look up invoices on the website of the General Department of Taxation's electronic invoice system:

Step 1: Access the link:   

⏩ Step 2: Enter the following information:

➥  Seller tax code: enter the invoice number of the invoice seller

Invoice type: select the corresponding invoice type, for example, Value-added invoice, Sales invoice, .. specified by numeric characters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 corresponding symbols invoice type code on the invoice (eg 1C21TML – 1 here is the value-added invoice type symbol).

➥  Invoice symbol: enter an invoice symbol of 6 characters, for example, C21TML. Note that users often mistakenly enter the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 at the beginning will not be correct.

➥  Invoice number: enter the invoice number to look up (you can enter both invoice number formats from 1 digit or up to 8 digits, for example, 1 or 00000001).

➥  Total payment amount: enter the total payment amount on the invoice in numbers.

➥  Captcha code: re-enter the correct captcha code string displayed on the left.

➥  Select the "Search" button

  Step 3: Get results from the system:

➥ If you receive the results as shown in the image below, the invoice to be searched is valid, and the invoice processing status is displayed: Invoice code assigned.

➥ If the received result is "There is no invoice with information that matches the information searched by organizations and individuals", that means the lookup invoice does not exist. Enterprises need to check that the information entered above is correct or not and search again. If the above information has been entered correctly, please contact the seller to check.

Method 3: Log in to the Electronic Invoice Portal at

(Applicable to sellers who have used invoices according to Circular 78 and Decree 123)

  Step 1: Log in with the account information issued by the tax authority

⏩  Step 2: Select “Look Up” => “Look Up Invoices”

  Step 3: Select “Look up e-invoices sold/purchased”

✔ Here will display a list of purchased invoices of the business including the following information: Denominator symbol, Invoice symbol, Invoice number, Date of making, Invoice information, Total amount before tax, Total tax amount, Total Trade Discount, Total Fee, Total Payment,

✔ Users can filter the search by conditions, choose to view invoice details to view: select the invoice line to view and click the View invoice button.

✔ In addition, in this menu, users can view the information of the e-invoices sold by their own businesses and sent to customers at the tab of e-invoices sold.

✔ To view invoice information, select "Search" > In the result display area, click on the invoice you want to view to perform the functions View/Print/Export Excel/Export XML

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