Company type conversion service

  • 09/08/2022 16:15

1. What is a company transformation?

πŸ”° Company transformation is a form of reorganization and restructuring of a company without having to terminate operations altogether. In other words, that company will operate as a different kind.

πŸ”° The company is not allowed to change on its own, but must fully meet all the conditions prescribed by the law on the establishment to have the right to change the type. But still, inherit all legal rights and interests, and be responsible for debts, including tax debts, labor contracts, and other obligations of the converted company.

2. Regulations on the conversion of company type:

πŸ”— Depending on the development direction, businesses need to restructure the company's organizational model. However, not all types can do the conversion. Types of business transformation can be done as follows:

βœ” Converting a limited liability company into a joint stock company;

βœ” Converting a joint stock company into a one-member limited liability company;

βœ” Converting a joint stock company into a limited liability company with 2 or more members;

βœ” Converting a 1-member limited liability company into a 2-member limited liability company or more;

βœ” Convert private enterprises into limited liability companies, joint stock companies, and partnerships.

3. Things to do after converting the type of company:

πŸ”… Change the information of the company's documents and records;

πŸ”… Notify the change of company type to relevant agencies, organizations, and units;

πŸ”… Information such as name, address, business lines, etc. can be changed at the same time when carrying out the type conversion procedure (except for the information of the legal representative);

πŸ”…  A new seal must be engraved if the type conversion procedure changes the contents of the company seal;

4. The process of performing the service of converting the type of company:

πŸ‘‰ Step 1Advise business people on the regulations for setting up a company

πŸ‘‰ Step 2: Prepare documents and give them to business people to sign.

πŸ‘‰ Step 3: TASCO will submit the application on your behalf and receive the results.

πŸ‘‰ Step 4: Hand over the registration certificate to entrepreneurs.

πŸ‘‰ Step 5: Post-establishment consultation.

   β© A file for conversion of the company type includes:

βž₯ An application for business registration;

βž₯ Charter of the company;

βž₯ Decide to transform the type of enterprise;

βž₯ Minutes of the meeting on the transformation of the type of company;

βž₯ Contract on the transfer of contributed capital (if any);

βž₯ List of members/shareholders (if any);

βž₯ Personal income tax declaration dossiers submitted at tax offices (if any).

5. Why should parties choose TASCO's company conversion service:

1️⃣ Ready to take responsibility if the mistake belongs to TASCO.

2️⃣ Commitment to package costs and no additional costs.

3️⃣ Free consultation support before and after completion 24/7.

4️⃣ TASCO is responsible for explaining and interpreting tax accounting records when state agencies have requests for accounting data to be made.

5️⃣ TASCO is always committed and accountable for keeping your accounting information confidential, even after the contract to provide accounting services has been terminated.

πŸ”… TASCO Tax Agent is proud to be founded and led by CEOs who are experts in Finance - Accounting - Tax with more than 17 years of practical experience and a team of professional, dedicated, highly professional, and constantly updated knowledge regularly. With the management policy "WHOLE-HEARTED - RESPONSIBILITY - PROFESSIONAL", TASCO is committed to providing customers with the best service quality and the most dedicated support.


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