What is the difference between virtual office and shared office?

  • 28/10/2022 17:28

1. What is a virtual office?

🔅 Virtual office is a form of office rental service that does not require a physical space. In simple terms, this is a business address rental service. You will be provided with an address, contact information, and other support services. Virtual offices also allow customers to use the numerous facilities of a professional office with a receptionist. There are meeting rooms, shared lounge spaces, telecommunications services, and more.

2. What is a shared office?

🔰 A shared office is an office that allows many companies to own and share jointly. Or more specifically, a shared office service is an office rental service that provides customers with private working seats. At the same time, this workspace is fully furnished and equipped as a standard office with many facilities such as a meeting room, reception room, reception, pantry, etc.

3. Difference between a virtual office and a shared office:


Virtual office

Shared office

Service price

✔ Cheaper price

✔ Flexible pricing depending on the product package and usage time.

Included Utilities

✔ Provided with an address for business registration

✔ Office space for negotiation

✔ Professional service to receive and deliver letters and parcels

✔ Working seat with enough amenities like a private office

✔ Transaction address and business registration

✔ Unlimited use of common lounge area, air conditioning, electricity, water, internet, wifi

Address, location

✔ Contact address is the transaction address and company registration

✔ Contact address can be headquartered, where business activities take place

Working space

✔ Flexible changing workspace.

✔ Employees can work remotely without going to the company

✔ Spacious and flexible coworking space

✔ Fixed or adjustable seat depending on the needs of the user

Ability to communicate

✔ Limited, communicate primarily online, with colleagues in the same company

✔ Wide open environment with high connection, with many opportunities to meet, exchange, and interact with incoming businesses from many different professions

4. The amenities when customers use TASCO's virtual office and shared office services:

⏩ Ensure security 24/7, maximum for customers when working at TASCO's office.

⏩ Professional front desk.

⏩ There is always a front desk team who usually directly customers on behalf of the business.

⏩ Internet connection with high speed.

⏩ IT support in the office.

⏩ Luxury reception hall.

⏩ Delivery of parcels on request.

⏩ Provide fax numbers and general phone numbers.

⏩ List electronic nameplates.

​⏩ Free consultation to design your own website.

​⏩ Free business license fees.

⏩ Support consulting and resolving issues related to business registration licenses and relevant tax accounting policies.

⏩ 20% discount on tax accounting costs if signing a 1-year contract.

👉 In addition, when using TASCO's services, customers also receive the following souvenirs including: 01 pen and 01 thermos bottle bearing the meaningful TASCO logo.

If you are looking for an address to establish a branch or business location or do not have a business location in the desired location, please contact Tasco for a business address at a very economical cost in District 7. only from 499k/month.

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