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1. Conditions for establishing a private enterprise
General conditions

- Enterprise's name: Not identical or confusing to other enterprises nationwide

- Head office of the company: Legal use rights, clear address, not located in the local planning area, not in the apartment building.

- Lines of business: Ensuring to be included in the system of national economic industries or specialized law, not prohibited from business investment;

- Capital investment of self-employed enterprises: Ensuring legal capital for industries requiring legal capital;

Specific Conditions

- Owned by a single individual

- Each individual can only own 1 private enterprise.

2. Profile set up private business

 - Application for Enterprise Registration.

- A valid copy of one of the personal identification papers specified in Article 10 of Decree No. 78/2015 / ND-CP of the company owner;

- Commitment to achieve social and environmental goals (for social enterprises);

- A decision of a competent authority permitting the transformation of a social protection institution, social fund or charity fund into a social enterprise (for the case of conversion of social protection establishments, social funds, or magnetic funds social enterprise success);

- If not the owner of the enterprise directly submits the application, the authorized person must submit a valid copy of one of the personal identification papers:

+ For Vietnamese citizens: A valid citizen's identity card or Vietnamese ID card or passport.

For foreigners: Foreign passports or valid papers replacing foreign passports are valid.

3. Submit private enterprise registration documents
Enterprises submit dossiers by one of the following two methods

- Submit at the One-Stop Section of the Business Registration Office of the DPI of the province / city where the business is headquartered;

- Apply online via electronic network at the National Business Registration Portal

4. Time limit for settlement

-Within 03 working days from the date of receiving the dossier, the registration office completes the settlement result and sends it to the one-stop section of the registration office to return the results.

The above are the procedures for setting up a private enterprise.

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