Post-establishment procedures

  • 09/12/2018 20:05

It is not a coincidence that the company's products and services have a higher reputation and reliability than a business individual because according to the current law, enterprises wishing to establish and operate are subject to control. State management in accordance with the Enterprise Law, Commercial Law, Tax Administration Law, ...

Therefore, businesses want to survive and develop for a long time, in order to create their reputation and brand, they need to comply with relevant legal regulations. Below are the procedures that businesses must follow when doing business:

After the establishment of a company, the business owner needs to do the following procedures: announcement of the seal sample, opening a bank account, notifying the bank account, registering for electronic tax payment, filing a license tax return, pay license tax (if the business is established after June 30, it will enjoy a 50% reduction of license tax), initial tax declaration, periodical submission of VAT returns, PIT declaration, and issuance notification procedures application, labor registration, payroll scale, social insurance, accounting books, reports on the use of invoices, tax finalization reports, financial statements, statistical reports, ... according to regulations.

The good news is that now business owners no longer have to worry about what procedures to do and how to do it because there is a tax accounting service company that advises and replaces the business with a reasonable price. save money, help businesses feel secure to focus on their business and grow their business. Helping businesses save accounting costs, tax costs and minimize tax risks.

TASCO Consulting Company with a team of experienced, enthusiastic, certified tax agents will help business owners feel more secure when using the service. Consulting regulations and tax policies for businesses during the service.

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