Instructions for looking up business license information

  • 09/08/2022 14:03

1. What is a business license?

🔗 A business license is a type of paper issued by a competent authority to business enterprises, for conditional business lines. The information on the License helps determine the rights and duties that enterprises need to comply with in business activities.

🔗 An enterprise must meet the conditions of the industry to be granted this Certificate. In particular, the license is usually issued after the enterprise is awarded the business registration certificate. To represent the registration of establishment of an enterprise, registration of the performance of conditional business lines in the operation of such enterprise.

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2. Term of business license:

✔ For each different business line, the validity period of the business license is also different. To ensure the registrant must ensure the quality, capacity as well as conditions required to perform the profession. If you want to continue doing business, you need to follow the order and procedures prescribed by law.

✔ The maximum term for a business license can be up to 50 years. Customers can also look up how long the business license of the business will expire.

3. Look up the business licenses for what?

  ➥ In order to ensure the rights and be certain when conducting legal procedures between businesses. When an enterprise or business household intends to enter into a contract or business cooperation with another business partner, the two parties can look up information related to their partner (such as about the status of the business partner). operation status, business lines, date of establishment, etc.) From there, information, understanding as well as certainty in their rights are protected by law.

  ➥ This helps to better understand your partner, his capabilities, and his ability to perform conditional business lines. From there, decide whether to trust and be suitable for business cooperation or not. As well as peace of mind when implementing cooperation with the value of large contracts.

4. Instructions for looking up business license information:

4.1. Look up on the National Portal:

◾ Step 1: Access the website of the National Portal:

◾ Step 2: Enter the tax code/business number in the search box on the left corner of the screen, then press Enter or click the Search button.

◾ Step 3: The business information to be looked up will appear in full.

4.2. Search on the website of the General Department of Taxation:

◾  Step 1: Visit the website of the General Department of Taxation.

◾  Step 2: Enter the tax code of the business to look up in the search box -> Enter the confirmation code -> Select "Lookup"

◾  Step 3: The business information to be looked up will appear in full.

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