Conditions for establishing an import-export company

  • 03/06/2022 16:49

1. What are imports and export? Industry code of the import-export company

✅ Export of goods means that goods are brought out of Vietnam's territory or brought into a special area located in the Vietnamese territory which is considered a separate customs area according to the provisions of law.

✅ Import of goods means that goods are brought into the Vietnamese territory from abroad or from a special area located in the territory of Vietnam which is considered a separate customs area according to the provisions of law.

✅ Import and export is a business activity between countries and territories. Import and export activities are much more complicated than domestic business.

✅ Import and export help circulate goods and expand markets. In addition, it also creates business relationships with other countries, promoting the domestic economy.

✅ The main import and export trade is trade, distribution, and import and export entrustment. In each area of ​​import-export trade, businesses will have specific services to support the circulation of goods at a macro level, more specifically, support agencies and businesses to import and export goods and support necessary customs procedures.

✅ Industry code of import-export company:

Business line


Remaining other business support services n.e.c


Other specialized wholesale not elsewhere classified


Wholesale synthetic


Retail on request by mail or internet


Other retail sales not elsewhere classified


Freight transport by road


Coastal and ocean freight transport


Warehousing and storage of goods


Other supporting service activities related to transportation


2. Conditions for establishing an import-export company:

✨  The enterprise was established in accordance with the provisions of the Law

✨ Commitment to do business in accordance with Vietnamese law as well as international treaties when joining, must be consistent with international trade practices.

✨ Trade in import and export goods exactly as registered when establishing the business.

In addition, for trading enterprises, specializing in providing services, must meet additional conditions for charter capital to establish the company.

For goods not on the list of goods banned from export or temporarily suspended from export; If the import is banned or temporarily stopped, they only have to carry out import and export procedures at the Customs Sub-Department and satisfy all conditions for customs clearance to be eligible for import-export business.

✨ When an enterprise wants to conduct import-export business, the enterprise only declares and registers tax registration information to have "Import-export" activities. Information about whether an enterprise has registered for import-export activities is displayed on the national business registration network, etc., and is communicated with many agencies such as Tax, Customs, ...

3. Procedures for establishing an import-export company:

3.1. Place of business license:

⏩  Submit the application directly to the one-stop department at the Business Registration Office of the Department of Planning and Investment where the enterprise's head office is located.

⏩  Register online at the National Business Registration Portal with a public digital signature or use a business registration account.

3.2. Procedures for establishing an import-export company:

👉 Step 1: Advise business people on the regulations on setting up a company

👉 Step 2: Prepare documents and give them to business people to sign.

👉 Step 3: TASCO will submit the application on your behalf and receive the results.

👉 Step 4: Hand over the registration certificate to entrepreneurs.

👉 Step 5: Post-establishment consultation.

3.3. Records include:

➥ Charter of the company;

➥ An application for registration of the establishment of an import-export company;

 ➥ Authorization letter (if the applicant is not a legal representative);

➥ Notarized copy of ID card/citizens identification/passport of the member/shareholder (not older than 6 months);

➥ List of members/shareholders (type of limited liability company with 2 members or more and joint stock company).

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