Establishment of a foreign capital company

  • 22/05/2020 16:37

Establishment of a foreign owned company - fast - The process of establishing a foreign owned company includes:

1. Apply for investment registration certificate, time 20-25 working days
2. Apply for business registration certificate 3-5 working days
3. Seal engraving, seal publication announcement, time 3 working days
4. Open a bank account, 1 working day period
5. Making initial tax declaration procedures, within 5 - 10 working days

Total time: 30-40 business days

Papers prepared
A. If the investor is an organization

  • ID / CCCD / Passport of the representative of capital share (5 copies)
  • Company license + Company charter: Copy with consular legalization (If it is a foreign organization)
  • Office lease agreement / contract (5 copies)
  • Audited financial statements for the last 2 years - (consular legalization of judicial translation if being a foreign organization) - (note: financial statements must be positive) (2 copies) OR Statement of bank account row

B. If the investor is an individual

  • Investor's passport (5 copies)
  • Statement of individual's bank account balance (the balance must be at least equal to the amount of contributed capital (consular legalization - notarized translation if overseas)) - 3 copies


  • Location lease agreement - 1 original
  • Passport / Vietnamese ID card of new company's legal representative - 5 copies

Total time: 45 - 60 working days

Above is the procedure to establish a foreign enterprise. This process to establish a wholly foreign-owned enterprise must go through many different procedures, related to the jurisdiction of many state agencies.

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